Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pinoy Hunk: Ahron Villena

Ahron Villena in Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition

Now I have an excuse to input on my remote control the corresponding channel for GMA 7, because I need to watch Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition. I'm sure it will be another crappy show, but hell, Ahron Villena is one of the castaways. He is going to be my major reason to watch the show, so I'm hoping he will make it to the finals. Now everyone will see how hot Ahron Villena has become.

But looking at the official list of castaways, I found more reasons to mark my calendar and follow the show's schedule. How did they manage to put together a casting so hot it's almost unbearable? GMA 7 has struck the jackpot. Never mind the crappy production. I have to watch every episode, just look at this list:

1. Mico Aytona
2. Buwi Meneses
3. Princess Snell
4. Solenn Heusaff
5. Aubrey Miles
6. Ervic Vijandre
7. Jon Hall
8. Michelle Madrigal
9. Moi Marcampo
10. Akihiro Sato
11. Elma Muros
12. Karen Delos Reyes
13. Pretty Trisza
14. Aira Bermudez
15. Ian Batherson
16. Mykah of Bubble Gang
17. Ahron Villena
18. Doc Ferds Recio

Ahron Villena. Akihiro Sato. RL couple Michelle Madrigal and John Hall (they're like a counterpart to Angelica Panganiban and Derek Ramsey hotness-wise). Aubrey Miles, who happened to be ex-gf of John Hall.And Doc Ferds Recio, who has been a long-time crush of mine. These celebrities will define the show as the hottest one in TV today. I can't wait.

Watch this clip from GMA 7's news program, 24 Oras.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pinoy Men: Ahron Villena shirtless and sexy in trunks

I think Ahron Villena is so underrated. Look at these photos. He's definitely hot!

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